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Satyapriya, Sree MD

410 W 10th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Email: satyapriya.6@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor-Clinical, Anesthesiology

Physician, FGP-Anesthesiology



2004 M.S., Case Western Reserve University

2004 B.S., The Ohio State University

2013 None Indicated, Cleveland Clinic

2016 None Indicated, Cleveland Clinic


Journal Articles

Diaz-Gomez,Jose,L; Satyapriya,Anand; Satyapriya,Sree,V; Mascha,Edward,J; Yang,Dongsheng; Krakovitz,Paul; Mossad,Emad,B; Eikermann,Matthias; Doyle,D,John. "Standard clinical risk factors for difficult laryngoscopy are not independent predictors of intubation success with the GlideScope." JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ANESTHESIA. Vol. 23, no. 8. (December 2011.): 603-610.



"The Usefulness of the GlidescopeĀ® in the Management of a 'Controlled' Potentially Difficult Airway." Presented at American Society of Anesthesiologists Conference, Orlando. (January 2008)

"2010 ACC-AHA guidelines focusing on whether revascularization should happen prior to non-cardiac surgery." Presented at Critical Care Lecture Series, . (November 2010)

"Post-transfusion Purpura in a Critically Ill Surgical Patient." Presented at Society of Critical Care Medicine Conference, San Diego. (January 2011)

"Normal Range Blood Lactate Concentration in Septic Shock is . Prognostic and Predictive." Presented at Critical Care Lecture Series, . (June 2013)

"Mulitvisceral Transplants:Ā· History and Current Issues." Presented at Critical Care Lecture Series, . (November 2013)

"Coagulopathy Associated With Multivisceral Transplants." Presented at Critical Care Lecture Series, . (October 2013)