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Satyapriya, Sree MD

410 W 10th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Email: satyapriya.6@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor-Clinical, Anesthesiology

Physician, FGP-Anesthesiology



2004 B.S., The Ohio State University

2004 M.S., Case Western Reserve University

2013 None Indicated, Cleveland Clinic

2016 None Indicated, Cleveland Clinic


Journal Articles

Diaz-G6mez JL, Satyapriya A, Satyapriya SV, Mascha EJ, Yang D, Krakovitz P, Mossad EB, Eikennann M, Doyle DJ. "Standard Clinical Risk Factors for Difficult Laryngoscopy are not Independent Predictors ofintubation Success with the GlideScopeTM." J Clin Anesth. Vol. 23, no. 8. (December 2011.): 603-10.

Diaz-Gomez,Jose,L; Satyapriya,Anand; Satyapriya,Sree,V; Mascha,Edward,J; Yang,Dongsheng; Krakovitz,Paul; Mossad,Emad,B; Eikermann,Matthias; Doyle,D,John. "Standard clinical risk factors for difficult laryngoscopy are not independent predictors of intubation success with the GlideScope." JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ANESTHESIA. Vol. 23, no. 8. (December 2011.): 603-610.



"The Usefulness of the Glidescope® in the Management of a 'Controlled' Potentially Difficult Airway." Presented at American Society of Anesthesiologists Conference, Orlando. (January 2008)

"2010 ACC-AHA guidelines focusing on whether revascularization should happen prior to non-cardiac surgery." Presented at Critical Care Lecture Series, . (November 2010)

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"Normal Range Blood Lactate Concentration in Septic Shock is . Prognostic and Predictive." Presented at Critical Care Lecture Series, . (June 2013)

"Coagulopathy Associated With Multivisceral Transplants." Presented at Critical Care Lecture Series, . (October 2013)

"Mulitvisceral Transplants:· History and Current Issues." Presented at Critical Care Lecture Series, . (November 2013)