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Weekly Newsletter 07/17/2017






Department of Anesthesiology

Week of July 17th, 2017

The Department of Anesthesiology’s weekly e-newsletter will be distributed on Friday of each week promoting department activities for the upcoming week. To submit a news item, please contact Taylor Stein at Taylor.Stein@osumc.edu by Thursday at 12:00 pm

ACLS Training
ACLS training classes will no longer be offered through the department.
Those who took the May ACLS class already with Eric or Kate will get their certification renewed
Going forward there are two options to receive ACLS training: sign up for a class for no cost or do the online AHA class for the $135 fee and they can submit to be reimbursed from their CME funds  as part of that they will then have 60 days to go over to the ED&R office to do their skills demonstration – before their renewal deadline.
The best way to reach Saman Shirvani is by email since they’re always doing the skills lab and not at their desk.
Their email is: Saman.Shirvani@osumc.edu

VITA Training
Vita is replacing Research in View, which is being retired. Faculty and staff will experience a user-friendly interface with university branding, more robust web crawling for better publication searches, and more ways to evaluate the quality of research. Visit vita.osu.edu to explore the new tool.
Faculty-focused trainings on Vita. Staff may attend these, but they will be taught from the faculty-user perspective. Register on BuckeyeLearn.
* Thursday, July 27, 8:30-10am – L035 James with WebEx
Before attending a session, please review this guide and ensure you have a Vita account. (Accessible with your OSU name.# at vita.osu.edu). If you do not have an account, you can create one and it will upload overnight.


Caring for Our Own
Tyson Kaufman received a lung transplant in late April. However, he still needs our help. He will be out of the office for some time recovering from his lung transplant and any donations would be appreciated.  

One way to help Tyson is to make a donation through the Children’s Ohio Transplant Association\
To donate please visit the website below

Faculty DEA Renewal
Did you know you can be exempt from your DEA fee at renewal?
Simply select “Fee Exempt” during online renewal and provide the following information for verification:
David Bertsch
Hospital Controller
700 Ackerman Road, Room 630
Columbus, OH 43202

MOCA 2.0

All upcoming MOCA simulation courses for 2017 are now filled. New dates for 2018 will be announced in the Fall. Please contact Dr. Lipps with questions.



Blair Herndon, MD

Bryan Hill, MD

Jarrett Heard, MD

Leah Thornton, MD

Steve Margolis, MD

Chantel Gray, MD

Katelyn Smith, CRNA

Kari Patterson, CRNA

Lindsey Grant, CRNA

Jacqueline Yunker, CRNA

Ani Okafor, CRNA

Greg Bickley, AA


Upcoming Events

Thursday, July 20              Morning Report
                                           Consent and ethics – Dr. Kushelev

       Grand Rounds
       QI Projects – Dr. Ian Gonsenhauser

Friday, July 21                   CA2 Didactic Lecture  
                                           Airway Management        
                                           Electrical and Fire Safety – Dr. Small
                                           Chapter 8


Can’t make it to Grand Rounds?

You can watch Department of Anesthesiology Grand Rounds live by going to:


In order to receive CME credit, it must be watched live, and following watching the recording, send confirmation to: Sarah.Robertson@osumc.edu with what video you watched.

If you watch recorded videos on this site and not live, in order to receive CME credits, you must self-report this to the State Medical Board.

For questions, please email Sarah.Robertson@osumc.edu



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10. Your Body May Be Ready For That Procedure, But Is Your Brain?
Michelle Humeidan,  Anesthesiologist, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center


Residents on the CV rotation and CV anesthesiologists published the papers

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Have you submitted an abstract, a paper, or a case report for publication?  Have you presented a poster at a conference, lectured at Grand Rounds, or given a talk for Journal Club?  Have you been published recently?  Please send your scholarly activity to Taylor Stein at Taylor.Stein@osumc.edu.


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