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Simulation Education

Anesthesia simulation education offers clinically-based scenarios in anesthesiology management to enrich and enhance the education of residents, interns, and medical students. Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University is proud to report that our simulation education center is registered with the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

By utilizing the equipment and expertise of OSU’s Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center, we are able to expose residents, interns, and medical students to various airway techniques, OR patient management, advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) algorithm, team building, and crisis management procedures. Standard and more unique simulation scenarios are used to help residents become comfortable with situations that they may encounter in real-life clinical, perioperative settings.

Simulation scenarios also focus on the various subspecialties of anesthesiology, including OB anesthesia, regional anesthesia, cardiac and vascular anesthesia, thoracic anesthesia, and neuroanesthesia.

For more information, contact Jonathan Lipps, MD, DirectorPeter A. DeSocio, DO, or Kenneth R. Moran, MD.



Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center



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