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Other Publications & Presentations

Throughout the year, Fellows, residents, research scientists, postdoctoral researchers, and medical students have the opportunity to present posters, abstracts, and more at local, regional, or national conferences, which may ultimately lead to having their research published.


New publications

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American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Midyear Meeting and Exhibition
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 2-6, 2012

  • Portillo JP, Dalal P, Bergese SD. Patient satisfaction with intravenous acetaminophen treatment: a metaanalysis of randomized, placebo controlled, repeated dose studies in the acute postoperative setting.

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Midwest Anesthesia Residents Conference (MARC)
Kansas City, Missouri
April 26-28, 2013

  • Asbahi M, Gray T. Anesthetic management of a patient with known peripartum cardiomyopathy
  • Gozdanovic J, Stein E. Anesthetic management of a patient with Type B aortic dissection with acute herniated lumbar disk.
  • Grace WL, Essandoh M. Bronchoesophageal fistula in a patient with esophageal stent for distal squamous cell esophageal adenocarcinoma.
  • Lawrence A, Essandoh M. Dehiscence of a mitral annuloplasty ring diagnosed by intraoperative 3D TEE.
  • Lopez AR, Werner JG, Mallery S, Tulman DB, et al. Bacterial contamination on reusable electrocardiograph wires: assessing the efficacy of cleaning versus using disposable leads.
  • Macaluso KP, Awad H. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy/colonoscopy for a 31-year-old female with unrepaired Type II truncus arteriosus and interrupted aortic arch.
  • McConnell MJ, Rogers B. Congenital absence of pericardium.
  • Miceli ME, Coffman J. Perioperative management of a parturient patient with DiGeorge syndrome, tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, severe pulmonary hypertension, platelet storage pool disease and thrombocytopenia.
  • Nashed S, Speas GJ, Li L, Rogers B. Preoperative management of patients with history of cocaine usage.
  • Richards JA, Moran K. Successful retrograde intubation via trans-tracheocutaneous fistula.
  • Watson JR, Coffman J. Anesthetic management of a patient with recurrent pheochromocytoma during pregnancy.
  • Weaver LS, Li L. Anticipatory airway management in patient with laryngeal cancer and negative computerized tomography scan of the larynx.

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12th Annual OSUWMC Trainee Research Day
April 11, 2013

  • Ali S, Tchokouani L, Lumbley J. A retrospective case review for intraoperative predisposing factors of pressure ulcers.
  • Allen D, Thongrong C, Vandse R, Melibary S, Bergese S. Randomized double blind control study comparing the efficacy of intra cuff alkalinized lidocaine to low dose remifentanil infusion in attenuating the ETT induced emergence phenomena.
  • Dadabo JG, Thongrong C, Tulman D, Werner J. Comparing desflurane to sevoflurane for the effect on recovery time in patients undergoing urological cystoscopic procedures with a laryngeal mask airway (LMA).
  • French B, Tulman D, Quevedo E, Bell S, McGregor J. Randomized clinical trial of the safety and efficacy of brain tissue oxygen (pBtO2) monitoring in the management of severe traumatic brain injury.
  • Mallery SA, Werner J, Tulman D, Smith MR, Bergese S. Type and frequency of bacterial contamination on reusable electrocardiograph wires.
  • Otey A, Wilson T, Dalal R, Quevedo E, Connors D, Bergese S. Early postoperative cognitive dysfunction and postoperative delirium after anesthesia with various hypnotics: a double blind, prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial.
  • Patel A, Agbenyefia P, Portillo J, Miller S. Prospective, single-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial for the evaluation of the efficacy of 300 mg or 600 mg of pregabalin versus placebo in the reduction of pain and opiod consumption in patients with partial and full thickness burn injuries.
  • Stoicea N, Ackermann W, Ellis T, Moran K, Quevedo E, Bergese S. Active emergence from isoflurane general anesthesia induced by methylphenidate.
  • Syed A, Dalal P, McGonagle EA, Thongrong C, Portillo J, Bergese S. Postoperative nausea and vomiting prophylaxis with aprepitant vs ondansetron as part of a triple therapy regimen in neurosurgical patients.
  • Uribe A, Lopez E, Bergese S, Portillo J, Quevedo E, Arbona F. A pilot study to determine the efficacy of intravenous ibuprofen for pain control following arthroscopic knee surgery.
  • Uribe A, Otey AJ, Puente EG, Portillo J, Quevedo E, Bergese SD. BMI as a predictor factor of potential difficult intubation airway.
  • Dukatz C, El-Dalati S, Perez W, Springer A, Dzwonczyk R. EEG level-of-consciousness monitor and cerebral oximeter response in patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy.

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Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists 35th Annual Meeting and Workshops
Miami Beach, Florida
April 6-10, 2013

  • Marks BA, O'Keefe K, Finnell J, Dimitrova G, Sai-Sudhakar C, Awad H. Anesthetic management of penetrating cardiac trauma.
  • Shilliam L, Dimitrova G, Stein E. Central venous catheter fracture during thoracoscopic maze procedure.

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Society for Obstetric Anesthesiology and Perinatology (SOAP) 45th Annual Meeting
San Juan, Puerto Rico
April 24-28, 2013

  • Ristev G, Mahoney B, Sasso U. Lymphadenopathy complicating the airway management of a parturient presenting for cesarean delivery.

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