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McKiernan, Matthew MD

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410 W 10th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-8487

Email: mckiernan.5@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor-Clinical, Anesthesiology

Physician, FGP-Anesthesiology


Clinical Interest

Obstetrics & Gynecology


1996 - present Technician: Wilford Hall Medical Center
1997 - present Technician: Sinclair Community College
2005 - 2010 Training Certificate: State Medical Board of Ohio

Clinical Services

01/01/2016 Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia Service (The Ohio State University Hospital)


present 2nd Place Award, Midwest Anesthesia Residents Conference,.
2010 Physician of the Month University Hospital O.R., September 2010. University Hospital.

Journal Articles

Ren T, Grants I, Alhaj M, McKiernan M, Jacobson M, Hassanain HH, Frankel W, Wunderlich J, Christofi FL. "Disruption of adenosine A3 receptors (A3-/-AR) alters intestinal motility and protects mice from developing DSS- colitis." Inflammatory Bowel Disease. (October 2010.): -.

Joseph G. Werner, Alberto A. Uribe, Karina Castellon-Larios, Sergio D. Bergese, and Matthew P Mckiernan. "Airway Management in a Patient with Metatropic Dysplasia: Grossly Abnormal Anatomy Combined with Low Functional Residual Capacity." International Journal of Anesthetics and Anestheiology. Vol. 1, no. 2. (January 2014.): 3-.


Reference Works

May 2010 Tianhua Ren, Iveta Grants, Andrew J. Rozmiarek, Matthew P. McKiernan, Mazin Alhaj, Hamdy H. Hassanain, Omega Griffin, Marlene Jacobson, Wendy L. Frankel and Fievos L. Christofi."S1732 Functional Knock-out of Adenosine a3 Receptors (a3−/−Ar) Alters Intestinal Motility and Protects Mice From Developing DSS – Colitis" . : S
May 2011 Mosley D, Hamilton C, Roth A, Moran K, Mckiernan M.."Arrest in ESRD Patient After US-Guided Mepivacaine Brachial Plexus Block Arrest in ESRD patient after US-Guided Mepivicaine Brachial Plexus Block." Las Vegas.
April 2014 Werner, JG, Uribe, AA, Castellon-Larios, K, Bergese, SD, Mckiernan, MP."Management in a Patient with Metatropic Dysplasia: Grossly Abnormal Anatomy Combined with a Low Functional Residual Capacity”." Columbus Ohio. : 3


"Airway management in a patient with metatrophic dysplasia.." Presented at Midwest Anesthesia Residents Conference, Chicago, IL, US|USA. (March 2011)

"Disaster Averted: A patient with symptomatic anterior mediastinal mass and airway management strategies." Presented at Midwest Anesthesia Resident Conference, IL, US|USA. (March 2011)