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Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Fellowship


Michael Kushelev, MD

Fellowship Director




























The Department of Anesthesiology offers two regional anesthesiology and acute pain medicine fellowships, which provide participants with a well-rounded, one-year clinical, research and teaching experience focused on the perioperative care of surgical patients. Our hospitals are located in Columbus, Ohio, with most rotations (including core months) being completed at University Hospital East.

Clinical Exposure

  • Emphasis on regional anesthesia for orthopaedic surgery during the core months of training, including refining skills for single-shot peripheral nerve and neuraxial blocks, and extensive training in perineural catheter placement and management techniques.
  • Exposure to a diverse patient population ranging from geriatric trauma and total joint replacements to conditioned athletes with sports-related injuries.
  • Extensive training in the use of ultrasound-guidance for peripheral and neuraxial blocks, perineural catheters, and vascular access procedures.
  • Management of inpatient and outpatient perineural catheter services.
  • Management of acute pain conditions and employment of treatment modalities outside the scope of regional anesthesia.
  • Additional training in regional anesthetic techniques for general, ophthalmology, thoracic, and pediatric surgical cases.
  • Learning the fundamentals and billing practices required for establishment and maintenance of a regional anesthesia service following completion of the fellowship.

Research Exposure

  • Initiation and/or participation in completion of at least one institutional review board-approved clinical research protocol during the training period.
  • Presentation at one departmental grand rounds or national conference during the training period.
  • Presentation at quarterly divisional journal clubs.
  • Attendance at one (or two) national regional anesthesiology conference(s) during the training period.
  • Anatomical dissection of cadaver specimens provided to the department during the training period.

 Teaching Exposure

  • Active participation in the education of both anesthesiology and orthopaedic residents on service.
  • Participation in teaching workshops offered by the department during the training period.
  • Active participation and teaching in the cadaver lab provided each month for residents on service.

Participating Hospitals

Application Requirements

  1. Current CV.
  2. Completion of ACGME-approved anesthesiology residency.
  3. Three letters of reference (preferably one from former residency director).
  4. Completion of fellowship application with recent photo.
  5. Brief personal statement describing interest in the fellowship.

Application Deadline

Rolling admission beginning September of preceding year. To apply for a regional anesthesiology and acute pain medicine fellowship, please submit an application to Taylor Stein.

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