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Ambulatory Anesthesiology/Business Fellowship

Michael Guertin, MD, MBA

Fellowship Director

The Department of Anesthesiology offers a unique and innovative ambulatory anesthesiology fellowship that is devoted to providing fellows with firsthand clinical exposure to the preoperative, intra-operative and post-operative anesthetic care of patients in the fast-growing field of ambulatory anesthesiology while also training and exposing them to the various business and administrative demands that go along with managing patients and staff in an ambulatory setting. Further distinguishing the fellowship is the opportunity to earn an Executive MBA from the Ohio State Fisher College of Business, currently ranked in the top 10 Executive MBA programs in the world. The fellowship is a two year commitment with 50% of the fellow’s time devoted to clinical anesthesiology as an attending managing a wide variety of mostly ambulatory anesthesia cases at several OSU outpatient facilities as well as experience in outpatient pediatric anesthesia. 50% of the fellow’s time is spent in non-clinical work including research, administrative meetings and completion of a 17 month Executive MBA providing fellows with first hand training in the executive and administrative components of ambulatory anesthesiology. Participants will work at all OSU facilities, with the majority of their clinical experience being at The Eye and Ear Institute Outpatient Surgical Center, the Same Day Center and the soon to be completed Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute. They will also have rotations at Nationwide Children’s Hospital outpatient surgery facilities.

Clinical Exposure:

  • Emphasis on outpatient anesthesiology for surgeries such as: orthopedics, general surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, urology, plastic surgery, gynecologic, podiatric, pediatric
  • Emphasis on selection criteria/triage for appropriate patients
  • Provide perioperative anesthesia care and medical management of patients in an office-based preoperative management clinic
  • Perform regional anesthesia via a variety of regional anesthetic techniques specifically with use of ultrasound guided neuraxial techniques
  • Ability to staff and run OR scheduling
  • Supervision of anesthesia personnel in multiple OR rooms including working with residents and CRNAs
  • Perform clinical research in an ambulatory setting

Business/Administrative Exposure:

  • Completion of a 17 month Executive MBA program at Fisher College of Business (beginning in December) to further cultivate leaders who seek a high-quality business management education
  • Attend executive/leadership meetings in management of an outpatient surgical center
  • Attend executive meetings pertaining to the development of perioperative management services and resource utilization of the Wexner Medical Center
  • Attendance at SAMBA, practice management conferences

Research Exposure:

  • Participation in at least one clinical research trial with a specific focus on ambulatory anesthesia, preferably in an institutional review board clinical trial
  • Participation in a least one business/administrative research trial
  • At least two research publications in at least one of each of the above mentioned research trials (one clinical and one business)
  • Presentation of at least one research poster at a major clinical and/or business meeting i.e. SAMBA
  • Participation in at least one departmental grand rounds and/or morning report for residents

Teaching Exposure:

  • Active participation in at least one didactic lecture to residents with a focus on ambulatory anesthesia
  • Participation in at least one leadership/professionalism lecture/workshop for residents
  • Participation in a practice management workshop for residents

Participating Institutions:

  • Ohio State’s Eye and Ear Institute
  • Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University (Same Day Center, University Hospital, James Cancer Hospital, Ross Heart Hospital)
  • Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute
  • Nationwide Children’s Surgery Center
  • Outpatient Surgery Management Center
  • Fisher College of Business http://fisher.osu.edu/executivemba