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Medical Student Program

The Department of Anesthesiology offers courses for fourth year medical students who wish to do a one-month rotation in anesthesiology. The anesthesiology rotations, designed to introduce the concept of anesthesiology as a clinical science integrating pharmacology, physiology, and anatomy, provide the following:  

  • Development of the clinical skills necessary for administration of general anesthesia is emphasized.

  • Learn to perform a focused history and physical to assess perioperative risk and to develop an anesthetic treatment plan for a patient undergoing surgery.

  • Be active participants in the operating room and in the anesthetic management of surgical patients.

  • With a member of the faculty or housestaff, students will assess for the presence of perioperative complications in patients who have undergone anesthesia and will become familiar with developing a plan for postoperative pain control.

  • Upon successful completion of this rotation, the student will develop basic proficiency in maintaining a mask airway for ventilating the unconscious patient as well as performing endotracheal intubation.

  • Students will also learn the basics of procedures such as intravenous catheter placement, intro-arterial catheter placement, central venous catheter placement, and various techniques of regional anesthesia (spinal or epidural block) as opportunities present themselves. 

  • Opportunity to practice these skills may be provided under the supervision of faculty or housestaff. The student should also understand the indications, risks and complications of regional anesthesia and identify steps necessary for the successful administration of regional anesthesia.

The following electives are offered:

  • Basic clinical anesthesia (6 spots available July thru June)
  • Acute cancer pain (1 spot available July thru June)
  • Anesthesia SICU (2 spots available July thru June)
  • Away elective in anesthesia (with permission only)
  • Away elective international in anesthesia (with permission only)

The goal of each rotation is to give the student a well-rounded, thorough introduction to basic anesthesiology and its subspecialties. Students are permitted and encouraged to customize their one-month rotation in order to gain exposure and experience in the subspecialties of their choice. The director of medical student education and the program manager will work with the student to identify areas of interest and then create a schedule for him/her to provide the best available experience to meet the goals of the student, as well as the rotational goals. The Department of Anesthesiology has a diverse faculty, with attendings representing each subspecialty. Students may have the option of choosing to work with attendings from the following areas:

  • BA-Urology
  • BA-Gynecologic Oncology
  • BA-Gynecology
  • BA-ENT
  • BA-General Surgery
  • BA-Orthopedics
  • BA-Pulmonary

There are two levels of responsibility from which the student may choose. The elective offers the student a basic introduction to anesthesiology. The subinternship (SICU) offers the student a more in-depth study of the discipline in the critical care setting.  

All participating medical students are required to attend weekly CA-1 lectures and weekly Morning Report and Grand Rounds.

For more information about the Department of Anesthesiology medical student rotations, please contact:


Lori D. Meyers, MD

Lori D. Meyers, MD
Assistant Professor - Clinical
Medical Student Clerkship Director