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Salary and Benefits

The anesthesiology resident enjoys a generous and comprehensive package of benefits provided by Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University, as well as additional benefits provided by the Department of Anesthesiology.

Housestaff Salary

Salaries are determined through the office of the medical director. In general, salaries increase approximately 2% to 4% per year with advancement up to the PGY-7 year. Salaries are subject to change yearly. Increments in salaries are made upon satisfactory advancement to the next primary level and may be modified by the medical director’s office.


Housestaff Salaries for 2017-2018















PGY-8 $64,348
PGY-9 $64,878


Provided by Department:

  • Vacation: 15 days (3 weeks) paid vacation.
    • Additionally, residents may use up to 5 days of accrued sick pay as scheduled vacation.
  • Conference Attendance: 5 days professional leave with pay.
  • Education Fund: provided to residents to reimburse expenses for conference attendance, purchase of textbooks, periodical subscriptions, certification courses, (ACLS, PALS, etc.) and the purchase of some computer software. The amount of the education fund is based on training year as follows:
      • CBY (PGY-1): $1,000 per year.
      • CA-1 and CA-2 (PGY-2&3): $2,000 per year.
      • CA-3 (PGY-4): $3,000 per year (the additional $1,000 is to allow for a board review course).
  • iPad: CA-1 residents receive a new iPad.
  • Society Memberships: American Society of Anesthesiologists and International Anesthesia Research Society membership dues and renewals are paid by the department.
  • Pagers: Pagers and batteries are provided by the department.

Additional benefits are provided by Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University.