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On Call

Individual call roomOn Call Facilities
Anesthesiology residents in all training years are assigned to the on-call schedule. Residents on call are provided with access to the vending, lounge, computer and study facilities. Individual call rooms include televisions, bathrooms and computers in each room, as well as 24-hour access to linens and towels.

On Call Meals
Limited staff are provided with an additional $500 (after taxes) per year for a meal allowance. The money is evenly distributed in every paycheck and is itemized on each pay stub. Limited staff can choose to participate in payroll deduction via their hospital ID badges and may also obtain a Buck ID to use as a debit card system throughout campus. Additionally, evening snacks (ie, pizza) are provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Boxed dinners from an external vendor are also available after hours during the week along with soup, cereal and other food items in a secure room in the cafeteria.

CA-1, CA-2 and CA-3

  • 16 hour call with the post-call day off on Monday through Friday.
  • 24 hour call on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Call averages 1 day every 6 days.

Subspecialty Rotations

  • OB (CA-3)
    • Two consecutive 12-hour evening calls. CA-3 residents will take dedicated OB call several times throughout the year.
  • SICU (CA-1 and CA-2)
  • Peds
    • 24-hour call with post-call day off, usually 1 in 5
  • Pain
    • Two 24-hour weekend calls per month.
  • Regional.
    • Two 24-hour weekend calls per month.