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Weekly Newsletter 2/27/2017


Department of Anesthesiology

Week of February 27th, 2017

The Department of Anesthesiology’s weekly e-newsletter will be distributed on Friday of each week promoting department activities for the upcoming week. To submit a news item, please contact Taylor Stein at Taylor.Stein@osumc.edu by Thursday at 12:00 pm

DEA Renewal
Did you know you can be exempt from your DEA fee at renewal?
Simply select “Fee Exempt” during online renewal and provide the following information for verification:
David Bertsch
Hospital Controller
700 Ackerman Road, Room 630
Columbus, OH 43202

Caring for Our Own
Tyson Kaufman was recently diagnosed with acute rejection of both lungs, and is on the transplant recipient list for new lungs. We are all hoping that Tyson is able to get a new set of lungs soon. However, once he does, he will need our help. 

Donating vacation time is one way to help Tyson. To donate time please complete the attached form. You can return the form to Sarah Robertson.

Rules for donating time:
1. The donor must have a minimum balance of 80 hours of vacation remaining after donation (minimum should be prorated according to donor FTE).
2. Sick and compensatory time may not be donated.
3. Donations must be voluntary.

A second way to donate is making a donation through the Children’s Ohio Transplant Association\
To donate please visit the website below

Anesthesiology Olympics
From Dr. Moran,
“Great job today pulling off the PGY1 Anesthesiology Olympics. Running 6 stations simultaneously, 11 times in a row is a huge task and everyone did an amazing job. 
Special thanks to Drs. Lipps, Rankin, Stahl, Amusa, Herndon and Sams for Facilitating.
I also want to reiterate how great our visitors were from the University of Kentucky, Dr. Annette Rebel and Amy Dilorenzo, who not only provided us with the Anesthesiology Olympics template as part of her FAER grant research, but came today to help us pull it off.”



Ohio Health Aid YMCA screening
Thank you for participating/ organizing the event: Drs. Rogers, Ackermann, Uribe and Stoicea, and the Manager-Anesthesia Service, Chad Barto.



Employees Only Webpage

Do you know where all our department's policies/guidelines, compliance requirements and other useful information is accessible?

Go to:  http://anesthesiology.osu.edu/

Click “Employees Only”  (bottom of the page)
Depending on what computer you are using, you may be asked to sign in with your OSUWMC ID and password. 


MOCA 2.0

Only 3 spots left for course on 4/1/17! Register here:


Meet your MOCA Part 4 requirements here at OSU. New Simulation courses will be offered in 2017 with discounts for OSU faculty.

Open dates include: 4/1, 7/22, 8/26, 12/2. More details at https://ccme.osu.edu  Search "anesthesiology"

Sign up early as spots fill quickly. Contact Dr. Lipps with questions.


Donna Heavener – CRM Champion of the Month


Please Welcome


Jason Porter, MD

William Kelly, MD



Maria McKay


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 28             CA1 Didactic Lecture   

             Analgesic Agents – Dr. Nama


Thursday, March 2                  Morning Report

 Administration – Chiefs

 Grand Rounds

                         OB presentation and Belmont machine – Dr. Fuller and Jim Rawlands  


Friday, March 3                       CA3 Didactic Lecture  
                                                 Anti-Emetics and Drug Discovery – Dr. Lindsey
                                                Experimental Design and Statistic – Dr. Humeidan


Can’t make it to Grand Rounds?

You can watch Department of Anesthesiology Grand Rounds live by going to:


In order to receive CME credit, it must be watched live, and following watching the recording, send confirmation to: Sarah.Robertson@osumc.edu with what video you watched.

If you watch recorded videos on this site and not live, in order to receive CME credits, you must self-report this to the State Medical Board.

For questions, please email Sarah.Robertson@osumc.edu



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Have you submitted an abstract, a paper, or a case report for publication?  Have you presented a poster at a conference, lectured at Grand Rounds, or given a talk for Journal Club?  Have you been published recently?  Please send your scholarly activity to Taylor Stein at Taylor.Stein@osumc.edu.


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